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The Case for Christmas featuring #1 NY Times best-selling author Lee Strobel

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Make this an Advent season one you will never forget with The Case for Christmas, a four-week video Bible study you can do on your own, or with friends, family and neighbors! We’ll provide everything you need to get started!

We need to take seriously the historical record of the birth of Jesus. Because it is true, Christmas cannot be ignored.
- Lee Strobel

In The Case for Christmas, you will look at the story surrounding the birth of Jesus–and see this cherished story on a whole new light. You will learn to separate the holiday from the holy day, the facts from the fantasy, and the truth from the know with confidence that the Gospel accounts of Jesus' birth are accurate and true, as well as life-changing!

This online study is just four weeks long, and will last through Saturday, December 14th (with a special "catch-up" week at the end as well), so you can finish before Christmas Day!

When you enroll today, you will get FREE access to all four study videos with best-selling author and speaker Lee Strobel; plus the FREE download of our Advent toolkit.

Won't you join us? We just know it will add meaning and perspective to your celebration of the Christmas season this year...


The Case for Christmas will offer you a fresh look at the story surrounding the birth of Jesus–and how you can know that the events recorded in the Bible are true. In this study, you'll learn...

  • Whether the Christmas story actually happened, or developed from myths of that day.
  • The Bible's claim that Jesus was born of a virgin, and why that is important to your faith.
  • How Jesus–and only Jesus–fulfilled hundreds of biblical prophecies about the Messiah.

Access to the four video segments is FREE, and if you wish to also purchase the optional study guide that goes with this study, you can get it at savings of over 50% off regular price! To enroll, just enter your name and email, and you'll receive all the information you need to participate with us and the hundreds of others engaged in this special Christmas–themed study!

4 Reasons to Sign Up
  • You long for Christmas to be more meaningful this year–more than just parties and food and gifts–and don't want to get lost in the busyness and pressures of the season.
  • You want to share the Christ of Christmas with friends and family. This study seems like the perfect opportunity to open the door to conversations with others about Jesus!
  • You need encouragement. Christmas, for some, can be a season of sadness, lost hope or disappointment. If you're looking for encouragement from God's Word, you'll find it in this unique Christmas study.
  • You love Advent, and look forward to it as a time to spend in reflection and prayer to prepare yourself spiritually for Christmas. This study will help you deepen your spiritual practices in the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day.

Enroll now (it's FREE, and only takes a minute!) and you can participate from your own home, in the carpool line, or wherever you are during the four weeks of this course, as you benefit from the weekly teaching videos on your schedule! You can also invite friends to join you, either in-person, or on social media (we'll even include a link to downloadable instructions that walk you right through the entire process of how to set up your "group" on social media in your registration e-mail!).

Did I mention the best part? The study is FREE to join! That's right, all four sessions will be released to you (one each week for four weeks), via email and link sent straight to your inbox. All you have to do is click and view to study along with us! In addition, you'll get some free download "goodies" that will aid your study, whether you're part of a group or on your own.

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Free Resources when you enroll!
  • FREE access to 4 weekly online study video segments featuring Lee Strobel
  • FREE downloadable Advent Reading Plan with 20 Scriptures for the holidays
  • FREE downloadable "Conversation Starters" (12 in all) to use for engaging others about the real meaning of Christmas this season
  • FREE download of two Christmas Printables (beautiful calligraphy of seasonal Scripture sentiments)
  • FREE download of Lee's "25 Ways to Share Christ At Christmas"
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The Case for Christmas Online Bible Study Schedule

Access to all weekly resources (teaching videos, blogs, discussion/journaling questions, etc) is FREE to you for enrolling!

This study consists of four sessions, each delivered weekly to your inbox!

(we'll even send you a short email each week to remind you to view that week's segment)

  • Session One (Nov 17 - Nov 23): Setting the Record Straight
  • Session Two (Nov 24 - Nov 30): Beneath the Fake News
  • Session Three (Dec 1 - Dec 7): A Mind–Boggling Proposition
  • Session Four (Dec 8 - Dec 14): The Prophetic Fingerprint
  • Catch-Up Week (Dec 15 - Dec 21): All sessions available

Meet Your Teacher... Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel

Even when he was an atheist, Lee Strobel enjoyed the Christmas season–the gift–giving, the holiday parties, and being with friends and family. But after his wife became a Christian, Lee started to investigate the real meaning behind all those nativity scenes he'd seen outside of churches. In this four–week study, Lee reveals what he personally discovered as he sought to separate the holiday from the holy day, the facts from the fantasy, and the truth from the tradition.

Lee Strobel is the best–selling author of The Case for Christ (now a major motion picture) and numerous other books. He was the award–winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune, with a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale. He currently serves as Professor of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University.

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